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Do you know what Bootstrap is and can do for you? If you like me is a seasoned back-end developer then the answer is probably no. Where does Bootstrap fit into topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript or one of the multiple JavaScript libraries like e.g. AngularJS.

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You need to know basic HTML and CSS concepts for this book to be useful. Some familiarity with JavaScript is also recommendable but probably not required. Designed good looking web pages can be difficult. Especially is you are a back-end developer with very little working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Most back-end developers will know XML and the step from XML to HTML is small. CSS is trickier and wiring it all together with JavaScript and doing the design at the same time can be challenging.

Bootstrap to the rescue. Bootstrap is a front end framework that lets you design nice looking web pages where you just have to focus on the content, i.e. HTML and not the design CSS. Furthermore is the framework designed to produce a responsive web design such that the layout of your website changes according to the device that is used to access the website. After a thorough discussion of the grid system that is used to ensure responsiveness the book moves on and explores most of the HTML components (think buttons, menus etc) exposed by Bootstrap. The book finished off with a introduction on how to customize the Bootstrap style-sheets to make your site look more unique that obtainable through the standard style-sheets.

Jump Start Bootstrap is a quick and easy read and a great introduction to Responsive Web Design for back-end developers and is definitely recommendable. All the code used in the book is available for download so one can experiment with the examples.


I review for the O`Reilly Reader Review Program and I want to be transparent about my reviews so you should know that I received a free copy of this e book in exchange of my review.

I review for the O'Reilly Reader Review Program

Book details

Title: Jump Start Bootstrap

Author: Syed Fazle Rahman

Publisher: SitePoint

ISBN-10: 0992279437

Release Date: June 2014

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